Travel Tips: Things to Consider When You Want to Bring Your E-Cigarette with You

Like a Hollywood starlet’s pet pooch, your e-cig goes everywhere with you.  However, you don’t want to cause reason for others to fret.  Secondly, in addition to cultural norms, you don’t want to smoke in an area that would warrant a citation.  Lastly and perhaps most important, you need to have a plan so you’ll […]


Luxury hotels near Dubai Mall

Complete with towering man-made wonders and magnificent architecture, Dubai is the location for the luxury lover. Primarily known as the shopping capital of the world, the city houses countless malls and shopping centres that will keep even the most avid shoppers busy. One such destination in the city is the opulent Dubai Mall. Known as […]

Best apps to use at shopping malls – Allow latest tech to locate Saw Grass Mills Mall map

There was a time when the best instance for an online-offline crossover was to research about your next purchase online and taking the effort of buying it from a brick and mortar store. But gone are those good old days when there was a doting existence of brick-and-mortar stores in separate worlds. Now there is […]

Traveling Tech: Quick Tips for Finding WiFi Wherever You Go

Traveling for business or traveling for pleasure? Whichever applies to you, you will not go far without wanting an internet connection. Your cell phone’s data connection may be slow or non-existent. Wouldn’t it be nice to have WiFi whenever and wherever you need it? WiFi is Everywhere In theory, you could connect to WiFi just […]

5 Little Tips to Simplify Your Budget Traveling

Are you trying to plan a trip on a tight budget? If you do not have a lot of money to spend, you do not need to give up on your travel plans. The following 5 little tips will help simplify your budget traveling. #1 – Call Before You Book Online Whether you are booking […]

The Fare Factor: Taxi Cab Safety Strategies for Frequent Travelers

Whether you are in a foreign city or just trying to get around town, taxis are the go-to transport solution for plenty of us, but even if you are a frequent traveler in the back of a cab and comfortable with the scenario, it often pays to maintain a basic safety strategy. When you consider […]

Before You Go: 12 Frequently Asked Questions about the Birthright Israel Trip Registration

If you are a Jew, chances are that you have heard about the Birthright Israel trip at some point in your life. The Birthright Israel trip is designed for people between the ages of 18 and 26. It’s an all-expenses-paid trip that takes you on a 10-day journey across Israel. You get to stay in […]

Visit Sicily and Sardinia with Bellarome Italian Vacations

Are you planning to treat yourself to a relaxing, luxurious vacation sometime in the near future? Are you still deciding on where you’d like to visit with the friends or family? Life is full of stressors, and going on a vacation is one way to relieve that unwanted stress. A vacation not only allows you […]

From Bordeaux to Languedoc: Exclusive Wine Tasting and Gourmet Dining Awaits You

When it comes to wine-making Australasia and the Americas have really put themselves on the map, but there is still something special about European wine. For self-confidence about their wine the French are in a class of their own, and for a wine-themed holiday France will be near the top of most lists. So what […]

Visit Stockholm, Sweden – A Charming Area With Wonderful People

Stockholm is an extremely special area, with its easygoing individuals, history and complex island layout; it is an aesthetically spectacular area to be. When you consider throughout Scandinavia you will most likely be unconvinced of the climate. Tourist period, which faces September, has hearts of as much as 70 degrees and lows in the 50s, […]